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The right price of the Spanish property

The Spanish property market is now the buyer's market

At CASA:UNA we work closely with our property owners to set the right asking price. In case of an owner asking too high a price, we may still take to property for sale, but we do inform potential buyers of the elevated price, and we may not offer the same amount of marketing to sell the property.

Some buyers may still want to purchase an over priced property. Finding such a buyer is not easy in a market having an over-supply of quality properties.

How do you determine the right market value for your property?

Your spanish property value is NOT based on

  • Your investment in the property
  • What you need to get out of the property
  • What it is valued for at the bank
  • What it is valued for by other estate agents 
  • What the other properties in the urbanisation has sold for
  • What your property is insured for

The CORRECT way to determine the right price of your property for sale in Spain is always based on what the buyers are willing to pay at any given moment.
In general this is determined by these factors

  • The general state of the real estate market
  • The market competition of similar properties
  • The mortgage situation
  • How the potential buyer sees the condition of your property
  • Location, Location and Location

As the owner of the property, YOU CAN influence

  • Your asking price of the property
  • The condition of the property
  • Access to the property

No matter how much we want to feel in control, there are factors we are unable to influence

  • The general market situation
  • Location of the property

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