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Preparing your house for sale

A clean house sells faster
A clean house sells faster

Staging is a concept in where you prepare your property for sale. In Spain too few people do this.

1. First impression counts.
Some buyers won't even bother going inside if they don't like what they see on the outside. Create an inviting look at the entrance.

2. Remove clutter.
Remove personal photos and items. Remove extra furniture to give a more spacious feel.

3. No sign of dogs or cats.
No smells in the garden. No "accidents" in the corners, not even outside. At a viewing no dogs are allowed on the property. Take them for a walk.

4. Re-paint if needed.
Saying that there is no reason for this, as you never know what the buyer wants is wrong. Many buyers are buying what they see. 

5. Re-arrange your furniture, again for a more spacious feel.
Arrange the furniture to enjoy the view, the fireplace etc.

6. No odors. Remember many buyers are non-smokers, and they can small everything.
Make sure the smell is not scaring away anybody.

7. Minor repairs must be taken care of
Otherwise the clients will think everything needs to be worked on

8. Change old lamps.
Old lamps will make the house appear old. Use spots if possible.

9. Clean the carpets and the tiled floors, even the grouting must be clean.
Squicky clean is key. No dirt or dust to be found anywhere!

10. Don't store everything in the garage, basement or storage room that makes it look cluttered - Not the least.
Self-storage is cheap, rent a space!

Make your property stand out!

Experience from the US and Canadian housing market is clear
Statistics on staging clearly demonstrate the benefits of investing some money in selective home improvements before putting the house on the market.

HomeGain Survey* (2003) of 2000 real estate agents




Improvement Typical Cost Increase in Sale Price Average return Agents recommend
Home Staging $212-$1,089 $2,275-$2,841 169% 76%
Paint& Lighting $86-$110 $768-$935 769% 84%
Clean, Declutter $305-$339 $2,093-$2,378 594% 91%
Fix plumbing, electrical $338-$381 $922-$1,208 196% 63%
Landscape & Trim $432-$506 $1,594-$1839 266% 72%
Kitchen/Bath upgrade $1,546-$2,120 $3,823-$4,885 138% 83%
Floor Repairs $1,531-$1,714 $2,267-$2,589 50% 62%
Paint Exterior $2,188-$2,381 $2,907-$3,233 34% 57%
Replace Carpeting $2,602-$2,765 $3,585-$3,900 39% 65%



All amounts are in US dollars.


*2003 HomeGain Survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide found that moderately priced home improvements, ranging from $80-2,800, made in preparation for sale actually yield the highest returns when a house is sold. Increases for 2006-2007 are anticipated to be even higher.

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