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Competa lies high above the sea level. It lies within the area of Axarquia in the foothills of the Sierra Almijara, on the scenic Route of Sun and Wine, and has a population of 2,500

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Competa is irrigated by numerous springs and streams from the surrounding mountains. 

The nearby Casa de la Mira Nature Reserve is spectacularly beautiful. The main product here is the grape; the wines of Competa being excellent and renowned throughout Spain. In general the locals prefer the sweet variety whilst visitors prefer the dry. 

There is an interesting wine museum in the village that sells different types of local produce and handicrafts, as well as doubling as a bar and restaurant. Annually on the 15th August there is a popular Fiesta to celebrate the 'Night of the Wine'; flamenco and other music and dance accompany the free-flowing wine. The 'Night of the Wine' is a very old traditional party which has been celebrated for a long time. 

Traditionally the inhabitants of Competa went to their cortijos (farmhouses) up in the mountains during the vintage and didn't return until October, when the raisins were packed and the grapes had been pressed. On August the 15th they met at Plaza Almijara for a farewell party, where they sang and danced fandangos and drank the famous local wine. 
Being highly significant for the people of Competa, the party was made official in 1975. It is now organised by the local council and includes a programme by which visitors can get in touch with local traditions. 

Competa is a pretty village which has retained its original Moorish layout and has lots of interesting nooks and crannies, with a good balance of shops, bars and restaurants. The magnificent parish church of La Asunción, in the main square of Plaza Almijara, was built in the 16th century in Baroque-Mudejar stlye. Competa is part of Costa del Sol, even it is an inland white village.
 And very charming it certainly is. The village is kept in the traditional style with small white houses and apartments. 
There are constructions in Competa, but the are all regulated strictly by the townhall inorder to keep new constructions in style with the rest of the apartments and townhouses in Competa. 

Only a few minutes away from Competa, you can also by land in Competa. Competa town information Competa, Archez, Salares, Sedella, Canillas de Albaida, Canillas de Aceituno, all towns which stand at the foot of the impressive Tejeda and Almijara Sierras; all morisco (Moorish convert to Christianity) towns, where vines were the main crop and are still an important element in the landscape as well as the economy; all display similar characteristics, reflecting the true essence of the Axarquia area, its scenery, its way of life and its history. The layout of their streets and the architecture of their whitewashed houses, which create unforgettably-picturesque corners, gives them a unique seal of identity, so much so that, together, they make up what is known as the Mudejar Route (Ruta del Mudéjar). Competa is fascinating to explore with its labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets that date back to Moorish times and spectacular views. 

The town is located less than an hour from Málaga airport on the Motril bypass, so ideal for a day trip, as well as an overnight stay for those who want to explore the area further or continue their journey into the province of Granada. 

Competa History
Some authors insist that the town’s present-day name is derived from the Latin "compita", meaning crossroads; though its position in the north of the Axarquia region must have seen it stand on the route from the coast to the interior since prehistoric times and through the Iberian and Roman periods, the history of the village really begins with the Moslem occupation and subsequent Christian reconquest. 

In May 1487, shortly after the capture of Velez Málaga by the Christians, representatives of the town of Competa paid homage to the Catholic Monarchs, in an attempt to avoid reprisals and retain some semblance of rights for the morisco (Moslem converts to Christianity) population. In the end, however, the morisco rebellion which swept the Axarquia region in the second half of the 16th century was particularly significant in this area of Andalusia: the difficult living conditions endured by inhabitants dominated by Christian troops created hostility which ended in open rebellion led by Martin Alguacil -a native of Competa- and Fernando El Darra. 

The moriscos established themselves at El Peñon de Frigiliana, where they managed to repel the first battalions of the forces sent by the governor of Velez-Malaga, Arevalo de Zuarzo, in May 1569; it took reinforcements from Granada, supported by Don John of Austria, and hundreds of rebel deaths to finally quash the uprising. In 1570, the process of expelling the moriscos was completed; their confiscated lands were given to Old Christians from Sevilla, Baena, Estepa and other parts of Andalusia.

Map of Competa

Competa area information

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