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Almuñécar and La Herradura form the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical. This relatively unknown stretch of Spain's southern coastline belongs to Granada province in Andalucia.
It lies between the more populous Costa del Sol to the west, and the coast of Almería to the east. Nearest cities are Málaga (80 km), Granada (90 km) and Almería (130 km).

Nearest centres of interest are the commercial port town of Motril and its neighbouring village of Salobreña, which lie approximately 15 km to the east of Almuñécar, and Nerja which is a popular international tourist resort about 20 minutes drive to the west in the bordering province of Málaga.

Rugged hills thrust up steeply from valley floors or plunge into the sea. Seasonal torrents, often swollen by melting snows, cut jagged ravines deep into the landscape. Once-forrested hillsides, now denuded of their fertile topsoil, provide a scanty foothold for almond, olive and the hardy carob.

Small villages and farming communities have developed in sheltered valleys or simply cling like limpets to the hillsides. Hindered by the rugged geography, development has been mostly restricted to the coast and its adjacent hillsides.
Recent years, however, have seen a shift in the 'sun, sea and sand' mentality and many people have bought farmhouses or plots of land in the surrounding hills. Rural tourism, though slow to take off, is on the increase.

Based originally on agriculture and fishing, the local economy is now concentrated almost entirely on tourism and recent years have seen a huge surge in the local infrastructure. Numerous hotels, chalets and apartments are being constructed to cope with the increasing number of visitors, both seasonal and permanent, and shops and services are being opened at a corresponding rate.

Cheaper flights and the lousy north European weather have prompted many to buy second homes in the area, while increased telecommunications, especially the Internet, mean that many professionals can work here seasonally if not throughout the whole year. Foreign residents are a mixed bunch with representatives from most European countries living here year round.

French, Belgian, German and English nationalities are the most common, though not necessarily in that order, while the Scandinavians, particularly the Danish, are increasing their numbers. Along the 19 km of local coastline visitors can choose from a large variety of beaches and small coves with their own special charm., ranging from fine sand to shingle. Watersports are very popular and there are numerous businesses offering different types of courses and equipment hire.

Divers will find some of the best underwater scenery here of anywhere along the southern coast. Cantarrijan beach Is the most western beach in Almuñécar. It has all kind of sand. La Herradura beach

Almuñecar beaches
Four kilometres from Almuñécar lies one of the most picturesque bays in the south.It is sheltered from breezes on both flanks by the hills of Punta de la Mona and Cerro Gordo, and has outstanding facilities for nautical sports such as sub-aqua. The sand here is semi-coarse. San Cristobal beach With light-coloured, fairly fine sand. This is in the western part of Almuñécar and is the site of numerous restaurants, beach bars and hotels, meaning the atmosphere is always lively.

The far end is also known as La China beach. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union for cleanliness and the quality of its services. The term “Costa Tropical” is well deserved, as the sun shines, warming and illuminating, longer here than anywhere else in Europe.

Weather in Almuñecar
Winters are short and summers long, while autumn and spring are often delightful. Almuñécar, in fact, enjoys a unique microclimate which has led to its being known as the Tropical Coast, though the climate is more exactly subtropical, as humidity is very low. Pleasant sea breezes refresh the heat of high summer, while the mountains parallel to the coast protect it from the cold northern winds.
The Mediterranean, itself, serves as a thermostat, regulating and moderating brusque changes in temperature. In other words, the climate here is very mild and temperatures moderate. In the winter season, temperatures rarely fall below 10-12°C, the average being around 18°C. In summer, this rises to about 25°C, with midday maximums of 30°C, though these are greatly alleviated by the sea breezes.

The effects of this marvellous climate are immediately apparent: the markets are full of delicious, exotic fruits and vegetables and flowers carpet the mountain sides while not very far north, ice and snow cover the ground. Here, the first flowers appear on the almond trees before Christmas.

The old town centre of Almuñécar is a historical, sightseeing and cultural treasure-trove, and enjoyed by all. The genuine heart of Almuñécar is located around the Castle of San Miguel, which inspired the name of this old quarter, "Castillo" or "San Miguel".
The streets are paved with traditional Almuñécar cobblestones, and there are innumerable little squares, patios and corners where neighbours pause to chat. It is easy to get lost here, but there is no need to worry, as it is a delightful pleasure just to wander around the back streets of this quarter and perhaps discover an unexpected beauty spot.

Population: 25.000

Map of Almuñecar

Golf: 15 km, Beach: 0 km, Shopping: 0 km, Airport: 50 km, School: 0 km

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La Herradura
Property for sale in La Herradura, Costa del Sol
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Villa - Arroyo de la Miel

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Apartment - Arroyo de la Miel

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